Parra's 3m Anxiety Rabbit Installed in Amsterdam

August 13, 2018

Last weekend, 2x Juxtapoz cover artist Parra revealed his latest and one of his biggest projects, a permanent sculpture installed inside Amsterdam's Flevopark. Revealed during the 18th edition of the Appelsap music festival, the 3 x 3m piece is a reworked version of his Anxiety sculpture that was originally created for our Juxtapoz × Superflat exhibition back in 2016.

The whole story about the latest large-scale work added to the Amsterdam's public space started back in Feb 2017 when the organizers of Appelsap festival took the initiative to start a petition about placing a permanent artwork inside one of the city's largest parks. With the belief that too little works by younger Dutch artists could be found on the streets of their capital, they started a project that got a great response and eventually received over 1, 600 signatures. Such feedback got things rolling and with the financial support of the Applesap Foundation, supplemented subsidy from the Mondriaan Fund, and a sponsorship from WeTransfer, the idea was turned into reality.

Parra decided to touch up his existing design, showing the rabbit holding his ears and making him appear more disturbed with the noise around him. The idea behind this might be to bridge the gap between everyday peace of the park and one day in a year when lovers of "fresh music" swarm the site. After the festival finishes, and the party-loving crowd leaves the location, the bunny is still curled up in there, still bothered with all of it. Like most of Parra's work, this piece has that irresistible feel of sincerity and criticism, with a subdued note of humor and even absurdity wrapped around it.

Although having the weighty feel of a bronze monument, the sculpture was made from polyurethane foam and strengthened by a steel structure, with outer skin consisting of fiberglass reinforced polyester. Taking in mind the weather conditions and possible impacts, the 400kg statue should stay resistant and untouched, thanks to Blow Ups factory from Heijen, The Netherlands, who produced the majestic piece. 

Text and photos by @SashaBogojev