Ominous and mysterious, Erika Lizée’s installation work is definitely distinctive. Awed by the intricacies of life, Lizée seeks to express her awe with these creative, fluid otherworldly creations. Painting with the Trompe l’oeil technique, Lizée succeeds in creating the illusion that something wild is on the other side of a very ordinary wall.

"My installation work builds from the idea that walls can serve as physical and metaphorical barriers," Lizée says. "Imagine the surface of a wall to be threshold, with a hidden and undefined world existing within. Utilizing illusion, the paintings merge with the wall and become portals through which we glimpse behind the veil, with other elements emerging and unfolding from the unknown. The threshold separates the hidden and revealed, sparking a growing sense of wonder and desire to access the unattainable. Now consider the wall as the edge of current human knowledge, a barrier between what is unknown and known. In this sense, the wall is a flexible, moveable boundary. As we gain new understanding and expand our awareness of the intricacies of life, strange yet familiar elements slowly transform from the realm of the unknown, into a liminal space as they begin to manifest in the world of the known. Yet the reality of it all is that there is no absolute certainty in what we think we know."