As you know, we love the people at Rutherford, New Jersey-based HARPY Gallery. When we had our own gallery in New Jersey, we built a kinship with the space as they, too, were showcasing emerging talent from the Northeast US. And now through October 14th, the HARPY crew are off the Manhattan for a special collaboration. 


HARPY presents a special pop-up exhibition at ChaShaMa in Manhattan (21 Greenwich St.) The project, titled Old Scratch, is a concept space that functions both as a remote location for HARPY Gallery and as an experimental storefront for artist Philadephia based artist Nick Norman. The artist will be exhibiting a collection of ceramics and drawings which tease strange conclusions out of the ordinary.

Playful and frightening spirits are found oozing out of both domestic and natural spaces, while often mundane acts, such as fishing or office work, are elevated to the surreal and the magical. Throughout the show lives the demonic possession of an array of pot-luck circumstances, a connection that seeks transcendence through the funky cartoon-ification of our daily rituals. A charming slap-stick assessment of contemporary society leaves the viewer both comforted in its warmth, yet also uneasy with the licking flames of Hell that tickle their feet.


Weekly music performances and pop-ups from local artists will occur throughout the duration of the project, see the flyer below for more info. Nick Norman’s solo show Old Scratch, hosted by HARPY is on view at ChaShaMa (21 Greenwich) through October 14th, 2019.

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