Olafur Eliasson Takes Over the Palace of Versailles

Jun 07, 2016 - Oct 30, 2016Château de Versailles, Paris

In the tradition of Murakami, Koons and Kapoor, the great Olafar Eliasson is the guest artist at Versailles for 2016, and man, did he make the most of it.

Consisting of outdoor installation work, including a massive waterfall sculpture, Eliasson's work can be seen throughtout the property. "The Versailles that I have been dreaming up is a place that empowers everyone," the artist said. "It invites visitors to take control of the authorship of their experience instead of simply consuming and being dazzled by the grandeur. It asks them to exercise their senses, to embrace the unexpected, to drift through the gardens, and to feel the landscape take shape through their movement."

To get a little idea about the diversity of Eliasson's studio, ArtDaily notes, "Established in 1995, Eliasson’s studio today employs ninety craftsmen, specialized technicians, architects, archivists, administrators, and cooks. They work with Eliasson to develop and produce artworks and exhibitions, as well as to archive and communicate his work, digitally and in print. In addition to realizing artworks in-house, the studio contracts with structural engineers and other specialists and collaborates worldwide with cultural practitioners, policy makers, and scientists."