Lucy Sparrow’s Erotic Emporium, the "Le Sex Shop Feutré," comes to Station 16 in Montreal from June 10 to July 2, 2016. Yes, a sex shop made entirely of felt.

There are many ways to take this installation in... first off, you need to be aware you are going to be walking into an entire project that is made entirely of felt. And in volume. Lucy Sparrow doesn't just create in minimum; she creates with such detail, with so many pieces, that it's almost a hypnotizing experience to look through all the images. And trust us, in this gallery, we only cover a few of the objects that Sparrow has created. She made 5,000 objects the last time this installation was created. From dildos, to sex tapes, to anal plugs, to vibrators, to condoms, to even the various sex hotline signs one sees in sex shop environments, Sparrow has it covered.

Sparrow originally conceived the "Madame Roxy’s Erotic Emporium," in SoHo in London this past Fall 2015, and now is bringing the experiential installation to Montreal for the month of June. Coming off the momentum of her "Cornershop" in which she recreated the typical urban market with all felt objects, this is the first time the installations have come to North America in full. When seen together, the all-felt shop blurs the line of absurdity and parody, but also brings to light ideas of attitudes toward sex and our perception of objects of desire through the commonality of felt.

Image via Huffington Post from London shop