NY based artist Lance de Los Reyes (LDLR) utilizes large scale canvases, as well as graphite and pastel drawings on paper, along with writing to investigate the opportunity to create a visual language, while he creates a body of work that lends itself to the ideas within the title “Past is present is Future” to be proven. The paintings are composed of bright colors, symbolic motifs that derive from multiple time periods, and narratives in history that find themselves within LDLR’s tool box.

The artist has created mysterious puzzles that become blueprints, conveying an understanding for how the artist inherits a degree of transformation that is obvious in the work. While there is a very serious overtone in de los Reyes’ work, he shows a playful and confident lifting of the veil as the viewer is visiting what the artist calls “a modern attribution to hieroglyphics that forms artifacts.” When asked why he created this body of work, de los Reyes quoted friend and writer Edit DeAk: “You may need a protected ambiance to eternalize the energies and worlds as it is coming to you;” de los Reyes considers himself as “a custodian or laborer” to create the obligations within his craft.

To contribute to the conversations in de los Reyes’ work, the paintings are accompanied by a selection of Oceanic and African sculptures and masks from a major private CT collection curated by scholar, writer and curator Virginia-Lee Webb, Ph.D., a renowned expert in the area of the traditional arts of Africa and the Pacific, former curator at the Metropolitan Museum of the Arts, and several works from the collection of PACE African & Oceanic Art in NY.

Lance De Los Reyes (LDLR) is a NY-based painter and visionary who was born in Texas and then went on to receive his Bachelor’s of Fine Art from the San Francisco Art Institute. The artist utilizes all forms and modes of creation to create multiple bodies of work that investigate ideas of evoking abstract narratives. LDLR primarily works with large-scale paintings, typography, and three- dimensional sculpture. Since 2019, he has completed three artists' residencies in the US and was part of ‘Blast Over,’ a group show in Berlin curated by Christian Rex Van Minnen.

“Lance de los Reyes - PAST is PRESENT is FUTURE” June 10 - July 1, 2021 @ Ross-Sutton in NYC