For years, Kristin Farr has been creating a balance of folk and op-art tradition. She notes always that her work is inspired by "folk art, synesthesia, and magic" but there is even something greater in a conversation about meditation and color. She turns a banal piece of wood or a public wall into a portal, a place where you can hypnotize yourself and challenge your eye but also get to an understanding of how color attracts and is used in the world around us. 

For her retrospective, SUMMER, on view now at Heron Arts in San Francisco, combines both her paintings and installation works. She brings the outside in, and vice versa. That she is influenced by Pennsylvania's "hex signs" and the idea that these bring good luck and fortune fits the demeanor of the artist and her environment she creates. This is a place of happinesss, but also a place of enchantment. —Evan Pricco