MOCAD has found itself in the center of the art world this month, with a few solid showcases: one being 17 new paintings by Eddie Martinez that we covered yesterday as well as an exhibition of works by KAWS titled, ALONE AGAIN. As KAWS has had one of the most talked about years in all of the art world (auctions, museum shows, a massive floating work in Honk Kong harbor), ALONE AGAIN features five sculptures, a site-specific wall work, and three paintings, this highly anticipated exhibition will occupy the main exhibition space of the museum.

The museum notes: "ALONE AGAIN will showcase the artist’s masterful compositions that appear to be abstract while retaining the artist’s colorful acrylic palette with his trademark motif. Riffing on specific genres of pop art, figuration, deconstruction, collage, and fashion, the exhibition represents an underlying irreverence and affection for our turbulent times, as well as KAWS’ agility as an artist to appropriate and transform." 

Read our interview with KAWS from the Winter 2019 issue here.