This is what Katharina Grosse does and does so well. The Berlin-based artist creates immersive, site-specific work that explores color and abstraction but in building-sized scale. Her work is more like experiments in architecture and painting, together, where she is will drape large paintings across the floor of a massive exhibition space, or create an almost psychedelic experience like she did when she painted an abandoned beach house near Fort Tilden in Queens, NY bright red. You are confronted with something foreign in terms of aesthetic, but you want to jump right into work.

Grosse's newest project kicks off 2018 with a bang, as The Horse Trotted Another Couple Of Metres, Then It Stopped at Carriageworks in Sydney, Australia will be on view through April 8, 2018. Using over 8,000 square metres of painted fabric that intertwine itself around the Carriageworks building and infrastructure, the massive work is literally a jaw-dropping moment where the viewer steps inside a painting. As Grosse notes of the work, "It describes that moment when you go into the kitchen because you wanted to get the car keys, and then all of a sudden you don’t know why you are there… and in that moment you realise something else about yourself, something that you can’t describe...". The best art and installation work should function in this way, the sudden realization that there is more to this world and, more to yourself as both an active participant in the act of observing and experiencing. In The Horse, Grosse once again places herself at the forefront of inventive techniques of contemporary art.