Since 2013, Juxtapoz has teamed with Waves For Water, a non-profit organization founded by pro surfer Jon Rose that is committed to bringing portable water filters to provide clean water for areas of the world in desperate need. With the devastating hurricanes that have hit Puerto Rico in September 2017, Juxtapoz has once again teamed with Waves For Water for another series of "Surf Craft" surfboards that will be auctioned off to support the non-profits efforts for Puerto Rico relief. We will also be working with the Changing Tides Foundation as part of our 2017 fundraising.

Our efforts with our friends at Chandran Gallery will bring together original art on surfboards by Marcel Dzama, Jules de Balincourt, Paul Wackers, Todd James, Austin Lee, Pat Berran, Christian Rex van Minnen (video below), Cody Hoyt, Thomas Campbell, Kindah Khalidy, Timothy Curtis, Sam Friedman, Morgan Blair, Benjamin Keating, Kristin Farr, Todd DiCiurcio and Sante D'Orazio!

The auction will go live on Paddle8 the weekend of October 15th, 2017, with a special exhibition of boards at Mana Contemporary in Jersey City from October 15—21, 2017.

Surf Flyer 02

secret not so secret project ? music: surf @tommycashworld

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Past artists who have contributed to the Surf Craft project include Chris Johanson, Alicia McCarthy, Swoon, Retna, Geoff McFetridge, Richard Colman, Andrew Schoultz, Lucy McLauchlan, Mel Kadel, Cleon Peterson, Jeremy Fish, Mary Iverson, Swampy, Travis Millard, Logan Hicks, Tim Biskup, CR Stecyk III, Dan Witz, Brett Amory, West, Zio Ziegler, Kevin E Taylor, David Arquette, Daryll Peirce, Beau Stanton, Ty Williams, Monica Canilao, Jason Jagel, and Tahiti Pehrson