Today, we have a full recap of the Juxtapoz Clubhouse, our project during the Basel week in Miami that included a full adidas Showcase, installations by Jean Jullien, Olek, Laurence Vallières, Low Bros, Shepard Fairey, Jillian Evelyn and gallery presentations by Athen B Gallery, Superchief Gallery, Good Mother Gallery, Station 16, First Amendment, Corey Helford Gallery and Jonathan LeVine Projects.

There are so many people to thank for this project, from adidas to Boost, to all the artists who made work on the spot and the performance pieces by 2501, Faith XLVII with Inka Kendzia, and murals by Conor Harrington and Nychos. This is just the iceberg. The incredible work ethic of Brock Brake and the Athen B Gallery team, to the jack-of-all-trades of the Good Mother staff, to Superchief's relentless energy and Station 16's preparation, there are just so many people to thank and who were part of this project that we are overwhelmed with gratitude. The Juxtapoz Clubhouse was exactly how we envisioned this idea a years ago: a communal space where shared energies and colective visions could help each other out, where actual art community could be built and sense of togetherness that you rarely see in the art world could come to fruition. 

Juxtapoz would like to do a special shout out to Stan at Mana Urban Arts Project, whose help on the Juxtapoz Clubhouse is immense and has now become part of our family. 

enjoy the photos by Oly Bernardi from Station 16 Gallery in the photo gallery above.