All week, Juxtapoz will be recapping and showing all our photographers coverage of the Juxtapoz Clubhouse with adidas Skateboarding from Miami art week. Today, we look at some behind-the-scenes and final looks from photographer Halopigg.

From all our coverage over on Instagram, the Juxtapoz Clubhouse featured a full adidas Showcase gallery show, with installations and murals by Conor Harrington, Low Bros, Jean Jullien, Olek, Alexis Diaz, Laurence Vallières, Jillian Evelyn, Ron English, Shepard Fairey, Jessie and Katey, JAZ, 2501, Faith XLVII with Inka Kendzia, Chop 'em Down Films, Ian Berry, Tavar Zawacki, Adam Wallacavage, Serge Lowrider, James Bullough, Urban Nation, Rachel Harris, Gil Bruvel, JakPrints, Station 16 Gallery, Jonathan LeVine Projects, Superchief Gallery, First Amendment, Good Mother Gallery and Athen B Gallery! 

All photos about by Halopigg