As we are fast approaching our opening night of the Juxtapoz Clubhouse District (hey, when you take over 3 blocks of downtown Miami, it's a district), and on December 5th, you will be able to visit us at 32-60 SE 1st Street, 48 East Flagler and 200 E Flagler from December 5—9. We officially open December 5th at 7pm. Today, we take a look at Paradigm Gallery's presentation that will take place at 200 E Flagler!

 The Philadelphia-based gallery is bringing a bunch of Juxtapoz friends to the massive 3-storey building: Dennis McNett, Alex Yanes, PJ Linden and more! 

Jux Clubhouse FlyerMap 2018 NB map
Jux Clubhouse FlyerMap 2018 NB front