Have you tried to plant a garden, some flowers or even tried to keep a house plant alive during the pandemic? I have, on all fronts. It's harder than I thought, but I have a little extra time trying to focus in on some flora and fauna in my life. Jennifer Rizzo of Hashimoto Contemporary must have this on her mind as well, as she has curated a group show with 33 artists for Lush, with each work being dedicated and in response to "the flowering species."

Lush spotlights contemporary artists once again looking to the timeless floral muse, from Karen Lederer's soothing moments captured within quietly painted scenes, to Jeremiah Jenkins' lead flowers emerging from bullet casings to Anna Valdez's maximalist still lifes, the exhibition surveys a modern approach to a classic subject. 

For the exhibition, the gallery has teamed up with garden design company Primrose Designs NYC, lead by Kris & Elena Nuzzi, who created the botanical installation within the gallery space.

The gallery will be open by appointment only. In order to ensure the health and safety of visitors and staff, please note that masks are legally required for entry. To schedule an appointment, please
click HERE. The exhibition will be on view Saturday, January 16th to Saturday, February 6th. For more information, additional images, or exclusive content, please email NYC Director, Jennifer Rizzo, at [email protected]

Participating Artists: Destiny Belgrave | Thomas Campbell | Marleigh Culver | Andy DeCola | Genevieve Dionne | Gregory Euclide | Lizzie Gill | Rachel Gregor | Hell'O Collective | Hola Lou | Seonna Hong | Jeremiah Jenkins | Louise Jones | Natalia Juncadella | Gabe Langholtz | Karen Lederer | Madi | MC Marquis | Jet Martinez | Lara Meintjes | Josie Morway | Bianca Nemelc | Hallie Packard | Melanie Parke | Daisy Patton | Lucien Shapiro | Katherine Sherwood | Denise Stewart-Sanabria | Tiffanie Turner | Aldrin Valdez | Anna Valdez | Marcello Velho | Hillary Waters Fayle