Wilding Cran Gallery is pleased to present Light Spectrum, a solo exhibition of new works by Los Angeles-based artist, Jen Stark. Through her continued exploration of evolution, infinity, fractals, consciousness, ecology, mimetic topography, and sacred geometries, Stark harnesses her aesthetic to transform these complex ideas into approachable and engaging works of art. Featuring new vibrant, multi-layered, psychedelic works ranging from sculpture and painting to light installation and interactive animation, Light Spectrum aims to conceptualize the mysterious visual systems of pattern, light, and color that govern our everyday lives.

“My work focuses on the exploration of color theory through light and juxtaposing pigments. I’m interested in how light can be invisible to the naked eye, while at the same time containing a variety of colors in the spectrum. Everything around us, including ourselves, holds an entire rainbow of color.” - Jen Stark

Within the exhibition of Light Spectrum, Stark provides an optical window through which the viewer may observe the kinetic effects of contrast, desaturation, and refraction to unlock the mysteries of the rainbow. Toying with our biological perception of visible light, her work calls attention to the dynamic coexistence of tranquility and chaos, harmony and contrast, within both the microscopic and macrocosmic natural world.

Upon visiting the exhibition of Light Spectrum, viewers will encounter deeply saturated paintings which feature contrasting geometric abstractions, shifting and reverberating as the eye roams from blinding neons to muted black and white; an interactive installation which invites each individual to alter the optics of undulating digital canvases in real time; self contained, technicolor emanations, from an eroded vortex, on the face of a deceptively white aluminum cube, offering a strobing, tangible expression of the internal spectrum of color that lives within any object. Through each piece, Stark’s aesthetic exudes a palpable essence of joy and wonder, providing the viewer with an abstracted lens through which to examine and connect with the infinite vibrancy all around us.

The full spectrum of colors exists everywhere and yet it is invisible to us, revealed through transparencies like microscopes, crystals, water, and glass. These every day optical illusions are visually intriguing, mesmerizing, and meditative, however, they can also inspire therapeutic internal responses. Jen Stark’s Light Spectrum invites the viewer to dive into the relationship between light and color to experience their inordinate ability to influence our optics, our environments, and our emotional realities.