teamLab is an artist collective who bring together art, technology, design and the natural world to create experiences you could only previously find in your dreams. Their work is influenced by Ancient Japanese Art and seeks to learn about human behavior and how one experiences space. They have kept us spell bound over the years and here are just a few of our favorites.

Drawing on the Water Surface Created by the Dance of Koi and People
teamLab's newest installation in Tokyo is an immersive infinity projection piece where the viewer walks throughout an interactive koi fishpond. Once the viewer has stepped into knee high hazy water, the space becomes alive with the infinite world of animated koi fish. The fish respond to the presence within the space, changing speed and direction, all while tracing colorful lines on the water. If a fish collides with the viewer or another fish, they explode and leave behind a flowery aura of colors.

Soft Back Hole
Going along with their recurring theme of the interconnection of viewers to their work, teamLab created the ultimate sleeping space and most friendly black hole. As viewers sink into the soft and comfortable room, the space is influenced by their weight shifting the experience of the other people within the room.

Soft Black Hole - Your Body Becomes a Space that Influences Another Body

Flowers and Fish
One of our earlier posts from this time last year, was of teamLab’s acid trip of a scuba diving experience that we couldn’t get enough of. This trippy installation combines Enoshima Aquarium in Japan with one of their interactive animations of flowers which responds to the movement of the fish.

Flowers on People
This piece was not only cause for some killer pictures but for some deep thought into the constant cycle of rebirth and decay. Once walking into the pitch-black space a projection of blossoming flowers covers the viewer, the flowers bloom, grow, wilt and then wither away. The flowers go through the cycle faster when the viewer moves around the space. Bleak but also pretty thought provoking experience.

Flowers on People

Wander through the Crystal Universe
Similar to the other installations where the viewer causes a change within the artificial environment, however, this project differs because this time you are surrounded by pleasantly flashing lights. The reason this one is on the list is that just as your presence causes change so does your smartphone. The viewer can then use their phone to change the coloring of the lights by selecting elements that are part of the Crystal Universe.

Time-blossoming Flowers (Coming soon!)
We are looking forward to their upcoming installation centered on possibly one of teamLab’s favorite inspiration, blooming flowers. Unlike the other projects that contain flowers, this work interacts with the viewer within the installation but also with the environment outside of the room. From what they have released so far, the piece will be set in increments of hours, days, and years where the flowers scatter every hour, then reappear over time. This piece will also be in sync with the sun at its location, getting brighter as the day goes on and then getting darker as sunset approaches.