The Galería Javier López & Fer Francés opens its exhibition season with the first solo show in Spain by the Californian artist Allison Schulnik.

We have long been been fans of Allison's work, especially her forays into film with her claymation and stop-motion projects she did dating back to 2008. Plus, her paintings have been stunning, with thick applications of paint and almost folkloric narratives. Her new show, Nest, at Galería Javier López & Fer Francés is a great exhibition space for Schulnik's work to breathe. And you can see in the gallery above, she uses the space wonderfully as her paintings, ceramics and sculptures are given an epic quality to them. 

As the artist says of Nest: “This show is comprised of work inspired by my recent family reunion in Scotland during the summer of 2016. It had been 26 years since the previous reunion—a trip which left an indelible mark on my young spirit, and left me longing to return. My entire family—young and old alike—hiked many long miles of untouched wet moss and pungent peat covered terrain to an extremely remote part of the Scottish Highlands. Crossing over small streams, waterfalls, and dozens of sheep, deer, and elk carcasses, we finally reached The Nest, a single-room stone hut my great-great-grandfather built overlooking the eerily dark emerald waters of Loch Fannich. The inconceivably tiny Nest would eventually be home to thirteen children, who have since fanned out into a family tree of hundreds, dotting the globe. Twenty-six years ago, The Nest stood as it always had, sturdy, proud, and humble. Unfortunately this time, only a singed hull of its former glory remained after a mysterious fire returned it to the ground from which it was built. For many of the eldest members of the family, it would most certainly be their final voyage to this magical place. My show is called Nest.”

The show is on view in Madrdi through November 3, 2017.