Inside the "Trap_": Franco Fasoli's Large Install @ Quimera Gallery in Buenos Aires

Jun 15, 2018 - Jul 27, 2018Quimera Gallery, Buenos Aires

Quimera Gallery in Buenos Aires is currently showing a large installation by our friend, Franco Fasoli JAZ, titled Trap_. This work was curated by Diana Aisemberg in collaboration with Elian Chali, both extremely influential people for the artist, especially when it comes to his work outside the public space. We interviewed Franco in our Spring 2018 issue, a few months back. 

The large captivating installation is the final result of the series of works that Fasoli produced inspired by his travels, life outside his motherland, and the mixture of feelings that came from those experiences. Symbolizing his hometown and roots, a replica of a sculpture from a Government house in Buenos Aires dominates the installation. As a metaphor for Argentina as a home country, the monumental and classic statue made of Polystyrene is in direct juxtaposition with oversized chains and amulets that are created with paper collage, one of the artist's signature techniques. Made after actual jewelry pieces that exist in artist's home in Barcelona, they are representing the connection of his Argentinian roots and current life in Spain.

Constructed from temporary materials, the elements are reflecting the nostalgic and delicate idea of motherland over a longer period of time, which is further emphasized by discoloring of the sculpture by water that drips from the ceiling. Simultaneously, the large gold chains made of paper are representing the fragile idea of value, which can significantly vary depending on the common or private space or notion. —Sasha Bogojev

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