Huskmitnavn is the Interior Decorator You Always Wanted

October 11, 2017

Danish artist Huskmitnavn (who we have featured a few times in our print edition) recently painted a couple of interventions in Tuba's Copenhagen headquarters in Vesterbro. With his recognizable cartoon-inspired flat imagery, the artist captured some of the organization's activities as well as represented the common struggles of their clients.

Tuba is an anonymous, free therapy and advice-providing organization for young people aged between 14 and 35 who grew up in families with alcohol or drug abuse, with branches in the whole of Denmark. Active with charity work, Huskmitnavn decided to create a series that will uplifts the environment by depicting the common services and situations that the employees and their visitors are experiencing. With this in mind the images are celebrating the conversations, group talks, finding peace, breaking through life's problems or opening new chapters in life. After this project the artist went back to his studio working on the new body of work for the upcoming solo show at V1 Gallery in Copenhagen. —Sasha Bogojev

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