As we saw with Armory and Art Basel over the last few months, the fair business is... back in business. I myself haven't attended a fair since Armory 2020, right as the world was set to shut down from COVID and a bit of anxiety coming into view. So a trip to London for Frieze 2021 here felt like a mini-breakthrough. And even with the vaccine and PCR protocols to get into the fair, it was, indeed, business as usual in terms of the art world showing itself to London, and here are some of the highlights. 

Some of the artists that stood out was indeed a plethora of strong Tracey Emin works, an incredibly poignant booth from Esteban Jefferson, beautiful works from Honor Titus with Timothy Taylor, two stunners from Matt Bollinger in Mother's Tankstation, an electric work from Julia Chiang, intricate woodworks from Gina Beavers, Jose Parla's massive work was a stunner, and just wonderful sites and sounds of a two-hour jaunt from around Frieze. And after a camera malfunction, we got some of images from our phone to share with you, today. —Evan Pricco