One of the most renowned and influential street artists to emerge as a contemporary art powerhouse, Vhils has one of the most wide-rangning output's of any artist we cover. From etchings to sculpture, billboard reworkings to murals made by drilling and chiseling onto the sides of buildings (not to mention his new murals made by the use of explosives), the Portuguese artist is constantly working with the ideas of history and time. 

Opening today, February 21, 2020, Vhils will be showing a major body of work, Haze, at the Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati. This will be the artist's first large-scale museum exhibition in the United States after standout exhibitions in Los Angeles and NYC in recent years. Today, we have a few behind the scenes views of Vhils and his team at work. 

"The biggest challenge has been the scale of the whole show and working to adapt the installations to the building's characteristics," Vhils told Juxtapoz for our upcoming Spring issue. "I'm very excited to be presenting a project which I have never done indoors before, but I can't reveal it for the time being. I'm also excited about the opportunity to show my work in such a prestigious institution which has worked with many artists I've so admired since first starting out."