Heron Arts is pleased to announce the group exhibition Future Sun by Ellen Rutt, Kristin Texeira, Laura Berger and Sofie Ramos. The exhibition will be on view at Heron Arts until February 15th, 2020. Future Sun asks artists to comment on human connection and the evolution of interconnectivity. The opening reception for Future Sun is on Saturday, January 18th, 2019 at 7pm and is free and open to the public.

Thanks to the internet, the potential to form new connections is at an all time high, yet more and more people feel a sense of isolation from the world. Barriers are formed by small screens, ultimately leading to less engagement with the outside world. With so many fabricated connections ultimately yielding unfulfillment, there is a distinct need for us to get outside and connect in a more earnest way.


Physical location plays a vital role in the practice and process of each artist in Future Sun. They are all influenced by their surroundings, whether in a lush green forest, in a studio on a humid summer day, or bundled up next to a fire on a dark winter evening. At the same time, the internal longing to be in an alternate location can also affect the work. Location, whether real or imagined, sets a mood for each artist and creates a setting for the connections they aiming to foster between themselves and others.

The use of color to represent connectivity is a specific question posed by Future Sun. Some employ bright colors to reflect a playful mood, or warm colors to represent a reflective state. Across the spectrum, the relationship between color and emotion can be clearly felt when viewing these artists’ work. Through both color and abstraction, they pose questions about the how and the why of connection.

The exhibition will include a number of paintings from each artist, along with the installation DISORDER(s) by San Francisco-based artist Sofie Ramos (who we have featured in the magazine in the past). The installation comprises a giant eclectic pile of found objects, seemingly not meant to be combined, but placed on top of one another and painted by the artist. Her intention is to subvert the fun and playful basis of the exhibition by hinting at more complex motivations underlying the lavish spectacle. “The push and pull between formal psychological extremes and the disasters that ensue from the persistent urgency to cope with them are the driving forces behind these fantastically energetic installations.”- Sofie Ramos