Frankey go round is a solo exhibition from the local creative force Frank de Ruwe, also known as Streetart Frankey, and it's currently going round the O.D. Gallery Amsterdam. Taking over two floors in his hometown, the show displays witty street interventions and whimsical studio works.

Frankey studied Industrial Design at the Delft University of Technology and has been pursuing creative work ever since. Starting off as a product designer, Frankey now works actively in the advertising industry, pushing the boundaries in every activity he finds himself. A habit of creating playful and funny interventions throughout his hometown of Amsterdam and beyond happily led to a solo show. "Last year, I had my first solo exhibition in NYC at Wallplay gallery. They contacted me because I made street art on Trump Tower that gained some publicity." 

O.D. Gallery invited him to do his first gallery show in his Amsterdam, while in the meantime, he came up with an idea of a street Street Art Expo, setting up a mock gallery presentation of his infamous street interventions in a pedestrian passage in the city's center.

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Frankey sees an alternative reality beyond everyday objects that result in fascinating sculptures. A series of coin-operated machines entice viewers into an absurd and surreal arcade of rotating foods made of shiny disco balls, a bizarre drumroll machine, a breakdancing taxidermy dog, a lapdance ride slot machine, and a teddy bear attempting to handstand. Playing with words title and the notion of the object itself invites visitors to puzzle and enjoy Frankey's humor and unique way of thinking.

Producing 15 new pieces for the exhibition and filling up the two-story gallery space with his work, Streetart Frankey is just a big kid bursting with creativity who happens to have a bran and idea factory on overdrive.


And did you know he holds a couple of World Records?
One for stair-gliding on a mattress. And another for jumping through a flaming hoop... in a Fiat 5000... Filled with 400 kilos of grapes.

"I just like making people smile," says Frankey.

"Frankey go round" will be on view at Amsterdam's OD Gallery through July 7, 2019.