Faith XLVII Builds an Installation Out of Items Left in an Abandoned Building

May 31, 2017

Faith XLVII recently released the latest part of her ongoing series Aqua Regalia. Set amidst the squall of Hong Kong, this iteration includes one of the first videos that South African artist co-directed alongside filmmaker Dane Dodds.

The work is based on the artist's fascination with abandoned spaces around the world and the amount of histories and memories that are hiding in them. While visiting Hong Kong, one of the most densely populated cities in the world, the artist visited an expansive and desolate five-story apartment block in the city center. Finding an abundance of personal relics and sentimental treasures, Faith 47 used these once-cherished objects to create a site specific installation. Combining the footage of creation of shrine-like installation, along with footage of the mundane outside world, the poetic video interlaces these two separate realities.––Sasha Bogojev