Starting February 15, 2020, a dazzling lineup of 19 Psychedelic, Surreal, and Abstract artists contribute to a group show at Nevada County’s premier art space. Event Horizon: the Past and Future of Psychedelic Art features some of the strongest old school and new school names in the art world to kick off The Chambers Project’s program in the coming year.

Isaac Abrams Dragons in the Sky with Lucy EH
Isaac Abrams

Works by Isaac Abrams and Ralph Steadman, both godfathers of an experimental '60s-era style that gave birth to modern psychedelia, represent one side of the spectrum. Meanwhile, Emek and Mear One feature prominently in the lexicon of rock posters, counterculture and hallucinogenic art, and standout sculptor Crystal Wagner contributes some delicately tactile, multidimensional pieces. Abstract and street artists, like Peeta Ead and Ricardo Chavarria, reflect the tidal wave of latest styles that incorporate celestial and organic imagery, optical illusion, and LED-inspired use of color. 

Event Horizon reveals how psychedelic concepts have woven so deeply into the contemporary art scene. This collection of diverse perspectives and mediums come together in a visual conversation where paintings, glass, bronze sculptures, and mixed media works transform the space dramatically.

Emek End of the Trail bronzeEmek

The expansive concept of the show allowed Brian Chambers, Proprietor and Curator of The Chambers Project, to present some emerging artists alongside art-world notables. Chambers’ knack for discovering and elevating rising creative stars continues to develop the gallery’s impressive track record.

Confirmed contributors for this exhibit include:
Alex Ubatuba, Banjo, Colin Prahl, Crystal WagnerCT Nelson, Dan Lam, EmekHollie Dilley, Isaac AbramsJoe Hengst, Jud Bergeron, Leans, Mars-1, Mear OneOliver Vernon, Peeta Ead, Ralph Steadman, Ricardo Chavarria, and Sebastian Wahl.

Joe Hengst EH1
Joe Hengst

In explaining the title of the show, Chambers says, “An event horizon is an acknowledged feature of an expanding universe. The speed of expansion reaches and even exceeds the speed of light, therefore any signals cannot reach to or from such regions.” These artists come from very different backgrounds, but they all play at the intersection between physics, neuroscience, and spirituality, expressing and celebrating the unknown.

This is one of several ambitious showcases planned for this year to support a myriad of creative talent in Northern California and beyond.

event horizon FB 1

Event Horizon opens at The Chambers Project in Nevada City on February 15, 2002, with an opening reception from 5 to 9 pm.