It's that time of year, the world is opening up, and of course many are heading out to the Hamptons for their summer vacations. Maybe to run into a celebrity or 3? Also, there are great galleries and exhibitions going on in the Hamptons this summer, starting off with BEYOND THE STREETS on PAPER and now The Hole's new spot, East Hampton Hole

From the gallery: The Hole is proud to present a series of mini solo shows in our summer gallery in East Hampton. For our first presentation opening this Saturday we have a mini show of new drawings by Aurel Schmidt and mini show of new paintings by Eric Shaw, plus a two-person presentation by Trudy Benson and Russell Tyler next to a two-person room of Caroline Larsen and Roxanne Jackson. Another room is a tight little show by Thomas Trum and Hanna Hansdotter, and for fun we have tucked a new sculpture by Adam Parker Smith into the final nook of the space.