Subliminal Projects is pleased to present DU-GOOD, an exhibition with printmaker and artist Leslie Diuguid, founder of Du-Good Press, the first and only Black Female-owned Fine Art Printshop in New York City. As a true craftswoman in her field, Diuguid has distinguished herself with the unique ability to work with artists and take their vision to print with remarkable skill and detail. The exhibition aims to pull the curtain back between the viewer and the world of art fabrication by showcasing a comprehensive retrospective of over 70 prints made by Diuguid, with esteemed institutions and artists such as Barry McGee, Hassan Rahim, and Dominique Fung. In conjunction with the opening of the exhibition, Subliminal Projects and Du-Good Press will release a limited series of new prints with artists Shepard Fairey, Emma Kohlmann, Justin Hager, and B. Anele

"I've been a printmaker long before people considered me an 'artist,' and my entire practice is founded on the skills that I learned refining the process," Shepard Fairey says. "I think Leslie Diuguid's talent in this space is one to be celebrated, and seeing her process and command of the craft is inspiring. I can't see a better fit for Subliminal Projects. Leslie is an important member of the art and printmaking community, and I hope we can all help to support her in opening her storefront print shop in Brooklyn!" 

“The curation of DU-GOOD represents my journey of creating a space for myself and artists in my network to thrive," says Leslie Diuguid. "I aim to create an ethical model of production based on reciprocity, collaboration, and mutual respect. Quality is primary, but so is the need to operate at all levels in harmony.”

Subliminal Projects and Du-Good Press will launch a limited print series, printed by Du-good Press, with artists Shepard Fairey, Emma Kohlmann, Justin Hager, and B. Anele. Each hand-pulled screen print is 16 x 20 inches. Numbered edition of 50. Signed by the artists. Available on Saturday, June 5th at 10 AM PDT on

 As a brand founded on printmaking, Subliminal Projects recognizes that Du-Good Press represents an important evolution in printmaking as an inclusive space. A portion of the proceeds from this exhibition and print series will go toward Diuguid’s efforts to move Du-Good Press from her small live/work space and open a storefront print shop in Brooklyn, NY.

Leslie Diuguid is a printmaker and artist based in New York City. In 2017 she established Du-Good Press and collaboratively prints for artists, designers, illustrators, and galleries. Diuguid’s journey started with the all too common narrative of working for businesses with a top-down model and capitalist approach to labor. Working her way up from quality control to a fine art press operator situated among world class artists. As a recognized craftswoman, Diuguid has distinguished herself in the field of printmaking and cultivated a webbed network of localized culture.

For more information, please visit, or follow her on Instagram @little_mouse_diuguid & @dugoodpress