The appropriately otherworldly exhibitions at Stephanie Chefas Projects in Portland make a fitting pivot as they readjust pre-scheduled exhibitions. Juxtapoz stalwart Dan Lam presents a series of new sculptures in Supernatural and Ben Willis a collection of new paintings in Doses, as both artists bolster in a duet of psychedelic and neon features. 

Where Willis features geometric and architecture elements in his paintings, Lam explores 2D and 3D sculpture that apparently  grows off the walls. Of Willis' signature squares, the gallery points out how"they are designed to function as metaphors for satisfying treats, poised to stimulate or even overwhelm the senses when taken as a whole." Lam’s works look like LSD visions slightly restrained and stabilized into a gallery setting, visuals that well from a deep subconscious as they radiate acid trip type visions. That is to say, both artists welcome us to another world, and given the one we currently inhabit, why not?