Back at the end of February, Göteborg's Nevven Gallery opened Discrete, a solo exhibition from Sara Anstis. Focusing on delicate pastel drawings, the Swedish Canadian artist presents a small series of paintings, as well as biomorphic ceramic sculptures, against a large pastel mural. 

The way the works are displayed makes this showcase feel intimate and precious, yet intrusive. This feeling is accented by the voyeuristic manner in which most images are depicted, often portraying each subject as if they are caught red-handed. Using the delicate technique of pastel on paper, Anstis’s works focus on femininity while slithering into fantasy or iconographic imagery. Unrestrained by rules of reality, her stylized characters traverse nature alone, often engaging in sexually suggestive acts that carry a surprising, fantastical twist. Such a bold step away from common social constraints gives the work an empowering effect as they depict characters with exciting, fantastical powers. Speaking of individuality, nudity, and sexuality through a visual language developed from Greek mythology influences, the artist creates "new myths that are both idiosyncratic and gloriously capable of addressing crucial contemporary questions." To complete the captivating presentation, the artist painted an abstract mural using bold expressive gestures and subtle semi-figurative details, wrapping up the outlandish atmosphere of her quirky daydreaming visuals.

Nevven Gallery is currently closed to the public through Tuesday, March 2, 2020, and will reopen Wednesday, March 3, 2020.