Daan Botlek for IPIHAN 7

September 04, 2017

While his basic images are usually straight forward and easy to paint, to dotted patterns he is often applying are usually time consuming. With this in mind Botlek created couple of custom brushes that would make this process easier, but quickly extended the idea to designing an entire series of other Primitive Practice tools for aesthetic reasons. Created in a make-shift spirit from parts of furniture, wires and old cleaning tools found at the location, the artist also got a chance to test these relic-like sculptural pieces and scratch the surface of their possibilities.

The other piece Berlin-based artist realized was the interactive wall experiment which enables the audience to take part in the work. Continuing his recent #MakeItHappen installation in Rotterdam, the piece consists of isolation foam covered water scattered around the wall. Moveable tubes allow the observer to play with them, but also pose on them and become a key part of the entire artwork. In addition to this a series of black, white, blue and red lines painted on the wall is further pushing the dimension and perspective play that is the base of this effective intervention. —Sasha Bogojev

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