“It’s like I threw random darts at a map ... If you plot each point, Chicago is the center, so it’s fitting to have my city host the show.” Artist, gallerist, designer and curator Czr Prz is the energetic host and creator of Darts on a Map: A Collection of People, Places and Personalities, which shows at Chicago’s Line Dot Gallery Saturday, September 21, through October 19, 2019. While making his mark on hot spots the world over, Czr Prz has made a point to hit the bull’s eye and ricochet that talent back to his home city for an international group show of artists, who include Michael ReederPixel PanchoKevin LedoJoe Iurato2 AlasDenialMarina ZumiRachel StrumAva Grey DesignsMarka27Sarah BestIan Kuali’iNicole Salgar, and Ozmo.

Among the array of media and styles from artists all over the world, what unifies is universal fascination with the human face in all its moods, colors and stages of life. Their force is palpable, and it conveys the connections Czr Pzr has made with each artist, as described by Line Dot co-owner Oliver Hild, “These are people he has shown with, collaborated with, painted with and drank with. In some cases, they are contemporaries but they all tie into Czr personally ...” You might not get a chance to share a glass, but stop by and meet some new faces.

About the Gallery
Line Dot Editions is a contemporary art gallery co-owned by Patrick Hull of Vertical Gallery and Oliver Hild formerly of Maxwell Colette Gallery. Since 2016 Line Dot has been gaining notoriety as one of Chicago’s premier galleries with a unique mix of local, national and international talents. Line Dot’s roster includes immediately recognizable names, such as Hebru Brantley, Pure Evil, Jillian Evelyn, Ravi Zupa, Alice Pasquini, Oak Oak, and Antony Lister alongside emerging notables, like Kayla Mahaffey and Max Sansing. Line Dot's brick and mortar space showcases an ever-changing array of artwork, with their full inventory available to view and purchase on the gallery’s website and exclusive editions released every month.

Darts On A Map opens Saturday, September 21, with an artist’s reception at the gallery from 6 pm to 9 pm, and is one view through October 19th.