Concordia Art Center in Enschede, The Netherlands, is currently hosting a large 3-man exhibition/installation Annex, featuring works by Boris Tellegen, Jeroen Erosie, and Akay. With the start point of the showcase being put on the idea of expressiveness, the artists were invited to occupy, appropriate and interact with the empty venue and create a space of their own.

All three artists included in the show have a strong graffiti background, used to creating work as a form of expressing themselves. With this in mind, the curator of the show, Petra Boonstra, and her co-curator Jord Schoppink, wanted to feature works that visitors could appreciate, enjoy, and engage with, without having to have any previous knowledge or additional info about it. It's the artistic gesture itself that is meant to trigger the observer to construct their vision about any aspect of the work.

Diverse in their aesthetic, technical approach and physical appearance, the exhibited pieces are showing the array of creatives that produce under the umbrella of graffiti. Jeroen Erosie painted large wall paintings that are complementing his smaller works, studies, drawings, and even pages from his sketchbook, all on view in the show. Akay constructed an engaging installation where photos and videos of his outdoor interventions are on view, extending his install to the outside of the building. Finally, Boris Tellegen selected a variety of different works that represent a significant portion of what he is creating on these days. Most of it installed within a compact install construction, the exhibits include sketchbook pages, 3D models, sculptures in different materials as well as some wall pieces. —Sasha Bogojev

The exhibition is on view through November 25th