Last weekend we had a chance to check out the big group exhibition in Amsterdam's  Bijlmerbajes fittingly titled Big Art. The third edition of this event took place from Thursday the 11th of October until Sunday the 14th of October, and more than 70 XL art pieces were installed through the impressive location of a former prison facility, that was partially accessible to the public for the occasion.

Organized in collaboration with prominent local galleries, the show included a wide selection of works including sculpture, photography, paintings, installations, kinetic art, etc. Part of the exhibit included ‘in situ’ pieces created uniquely for this location, such as intricate colorful floor installation by Suzan Drummen. Some of the stand out pieces for us included Peter Vink's light installation, Bram Ellens' sculptural pieces created from vintage paintings on canvas and frames, Marinke van Zandwijk glass installation, Ge-Karel van der Sterren, Mathieu Cherkit, or Anna Bittersohl's large paintings, or Celia Hadeler's effective fold rugs. –Sasha Bogojev