Barry Mcgee & Clare Rojas Go "Big Sky Little Moon" in Tokyo

Jun 24, 2017 - Oct 15, 2017Watrai-um museum, Tokyo

Exactly one decade since his milestone show @ Watari Museum in Tokyo, Barry Mcgee is back in Japanese capital for another large showing. "Big Sky Little Moon" will be a shared museum show with his longtime partner, Clare Rojas, and will open on June 24th.

As per usual with the legendary SF artist, finding more info about what will be on view isn't easy, but these install photos from Watari-um Twitter surely look promising. The concept of the show revolves around the growing sense of tension that can currently be sensed in cities around the world and the ways it affect communities and people living on the street, which are Barry's eternal source of inspiration and a recurring motif in his works. The opening will be held on June 24th and will include a talk by Mcgee himself, a live performance by Peggy Honeywell (Clare Rojas,) and background music by legendary Towa Tei & his friends. —Sasha Bogojev