Next week, Juxtapoz visits Beijing for Lucy Sparrow's massive installation. Known for her interactive, immersive and highly-detailed works made of felt, Sparrow will be taking over the M WOODS space with a full and comprehensive installation of works analyzing art history to the present. We will have images and story to share in the coming weeks.


This summer, M WOODS presents an exhibition by Spring 2019 cover artist Lucy Sparrow, one of the most exciting and innovative artists in the UK today. Using felt as her primary material, Sparrow is renowned for her bright and engaging objects of everyday life. Having received worldwide attention for felt installations in London, New York, and Los Angeles, Lucy Sparrow's Felt Art Imaginarium marks the artist's debut Asia exhibition comprising an immersive installation commissioned specifically for the Beijing gallery.

For this ambitious event, Sparrow recreated seventy masterpieces from the annals of art history and covered the entirety of the museum in her signature, colorful felt. In line with M WOODS' founding philosophy that art be F.A.T., that is, Free, Alchemical, Timeless, Sparrow fills the gallery with her own felt reincarnations of artwork from across time and geography, ranging from ancient monuments and historical artifacts, Renaissance and Old Master paintings, to modern and contemporary masterworks. By immersing viewers in the distinctive language of felt, Sparrow rewrites the conventional narrative of art history while simultaneously creating masterpieces within the more approachable and accessible. The museum truly transforms into Sparrow's art imaginarium, where viewers can see art from around the world in a thrilling and educational experience.

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Following in the lineage of artists such as Andy Warhol, Richard Prince, and Elaine Sturtevant, Sparrow probes contemporary notions of appropriation and reproduction, while her choice of material evokes the traditional Arts and Crafts Movement that emerged in late 19th century Britain. Her works, which usually take everyday objects as their subjects, are quirky yet quietly subversive. Behind soft, humble, and humorous exteriors is sharp, critical insight into questions surrounding consumerism and mass production. In this context, Sparrow offers a unique ability to re-evaluate our present globalized society by analyzing the way information, images, and products are consumed and distributed around the world.

Lucy Sparrow's Felt Art Imaginarium opens at Beijing's M WOODS gallery on July 6th and is open through October 7th, 2019.