Harman Projects is excited to share The No- Longers, a new art experience from Los Angeles-based artist Alex Pardee. Following his sold out Alex in ShunderLand exhibition last year, Pardee has outdone himself again with an entirely new world inhabited by iconic pop culture characters reimagined as only he can. These creations come to life with a backstory and lore conjured up by the artist to immerse the audience into a world almost like our own...but Stranger.

Sharing his personal struggles and motivations throughout his career, Alex is never one to hide from the outward and inward challenges he translates into his artwork. For his second-covid era exhibition, Pardee tackles the ongoing endemic and how it has effected all of us, each of us, and the no-longer ourselves. The No-Longers is a new collection, birthed in an alternate reality where a parasite has taken over the once peaceful and idyllic Toon Town. Its inhabitants, those most famous from the annals of animated series from generations past and present, don’t stand a chance when an otherworldly parasitic visitor crashed into their world. With vibrant backgrounds, Pardee has brought our childhood favorites back to life though not quite like how we remember from our Saturday mornings.

Pardee has created numerous worlds, characters, stories and everything in-between that have captivated his audience for decades. This new series is a clear graduation in both execution and Alex’s storytelling abilities, combining our desire for nostalgia while moving on from a time lost.

The No-Longers, features all new-large format original paintings, drawings, sketches, as well as, a zine, collectibles, prints, t-shirts and more. Pardee will also be unveiling his newest and most ambitious sculpture installation with collaborator Greg Aronowitz and an all-new video installation created with Stephen Reedy. This pop-up exhibition will be a journey into a world you won’t want to miss.

Alex Pardee: The No-Longers
Harman Projects pop up exhibition at: Building Bridges Art Exchange Bergamot Station
2525 Michigan Ave, Unit F2
Santa Monica, CA 90404

On View: Friday, October 27th - Sunday, October 30th, 2022