Installation by TD

February 05, 2013

We’ve seen some crazy installations this past year, but this one might be the best yet. Japanese artist Tadsahai Kawamata went all out for the fourth annual Abu Dhabi art fair. Kawamata, created a round tower formed out of thousands of chairs. The piece, entitled Chairs For Abu Dhabi, is a twenty-foot tall sculpture that took five days to complete.


Having created previous version before, the Abu Dhabi piece was unique in it design. “This time it's not a specific chair at all," he said. "It's more of a mixture of all kinds of wooden, metal, colorful chairs - everything. An empty chair is waiting for people to sit down, and then a chair is connecting to other chairs," he explained. "So it's really like a waiting spot, open for everybody to sit down. That's kind of the metaphor we're using." (via cnn)