In Process: Herakut "Loving The Exiled" @ 941 Geary, SF

April 18, 2012

German duo Herakut are in San Francisco at the moment putting the touches together on a big installation exhibition at 941 Geary. Of their Loving the Exiled show, Herakut notes they "will be bringing characters that have fallen from grace. We took a look to the banned and exiled, the abandoned child that first cries of fear and then of rage, flocks of scapegoats, a choir of arch enemies, the outlawed, the out- numbered, the ones that know they are very last of their kind, the extinguished."

941 Geary notes "Loving the Exiled deals with figures/symbols that have been thrust away from society, charged with guilt in some way, and used as scapegoats in an effort to simplify complex problems. With faces partially turned to glance at the viewer, the figures look at the viewers as if we have stumbled upon their lives, uninvited but perhaps expected. They gaze out at us with eyes both sad and resigned, asking nothing of us but a basic empathy."


Loving the Exiled, A Solo Show by Herakut

Opening Reception: April 21st, 2012, 6-9 pm

Through May 29, 2012

941 Geary

San Francisco, California