In L.A.: Victor Reyes @ Known Gallery

March 28, 2012

Known Gallery is pleased to present The Jungle, featuring new paintings by Victor Reyes. In this ambitious body of work, Reyes’ illuminates the savage nature of humanity in the context of modern day America while simultaneously exposing the primal, mammalian inclinations that pulse just under the facade of contemporary culture. The artist critiques the premium placed on notions of “civility” while celebrating instinct and acknowledging the dark underbelly of our society.


The Jungle is a two yearlong exploration of human nature and survival. Jungle themes first appeared on Reyes’ black and while murals and have been translated into the subject of many paintings on wood panel that explore a variety of color palettes.


The Jungle is submerged in the representational motifs of animals, carnage and patterns arrayed in warm, vibrant colors that recall the meat, bone and sinew that comprise all mammals.  Herein lie tapestries of line and palette whose language and conversation are a departure from the formulaic and mundane. Within this new work, Reyes reveals a world of color and form where situational dramas are framed into context by pigment and fury. Each new picture presents the very real emotions of survival and dominance in an exhibition that encapsulates Reyes’ stark and meaty vision of our civilization.


Following are a few images from the opening reception.


-Amy Duran





Victor Reyes
The Jungle
Known Gallery

Through April 7, 2012