In L.A.: Travis Millard @ This Los Angeles

Mar 22, 2013 - Apr 14, 2013THIS LA, Los Angeles

Travis Millard’s latest solo show “No Pressure” opened this past weekend at THIS Los Angeles Gallery

Travis is the CEO and grand marshall of Fudge Factory Comics and runs it out of his home on an almost lost hillside in the Echo Park neighborhood of LA. He mostly cooks his meals on a stove which resides in an old covered wagon attached to his house, and this house is neighbors to a tree with an airstream trailer perched 20ft up within its branches. Travis grew up in Kansas listening to rap tapes, and other kinds of tapes, reading mad magazine, and drawing characters while sometimes traveling on business trips in a van with his dad who was a Wrangler salesman throughout Missouri. Really does much more need to be said? Amazing guy, amazing artist, this night is going to be packed so try to make it out early, but No Pressure.

This is a really amazing body of work and also the second to last show at THIS Los Angeles Gallery, so you should definitely stop by and check it out in person if you’re in the Los Angeles area.

-Amy Duran