Some shows need to be seen in person, in a big spacious gallery, where gigantic canvases can overwhelm you in their peaceful positioning. And even though we just used a bunch of words that mean there are big paintings hanging at Regen Projects this month in Lari Pittman's "From A Late Western Impaerium," there are also highly detailed drawings and paintings that also suck you into their mysterious language and context. This is Pittman's seventh showing at Regen Projects since 1995. 

From the gallery: Pittman's From A Late Western Impaerium constructs a loose narrative of nationhood that travels between our present time and the distant past. The compositionally dense works play with the social and current realities of today, with an interest in ornamentation and surface, and draw on the legacy of history as told through the Western canon of painting and the applied arts. Pittman poses the question of what a contemporary "history painting" might be today.

Lari Pittman's
From A Late Western Impaerium is open through December 21, 2013.