IN L.A.: Kyle Field @ Taylor De Cordoba

Jun 08, 2013 - Jul 27, 2013Taylor De Cordoba, Culver City

Last week we stopped by Taylor De Cordoba’s beautiful new space in Culver City for the opening reception of Kyle Field’s latest exhibition, “Wide Daylight.” Maybe you remember that we featured Mr. Field and his Little Wings music project in our February 2013 issue. Here is the press release from Taylor de Cordoba Gallery:

 For this exhibition, Field presents whimsical paintings and drawings that closely relate to Little Wings, the artist’s music project. Specifically, Field is thinking about his most recent album, entitled LAST. Choosing this title is emblematic of the artist’s penchant for word play, which drives both his visual and musical arts. Is it the “last” album or an album that “lasts”? His new drawings (which include original posters and album c`overs) are ambiguous and dreamlike, infused with poetic phrases that suggest a visceral idea yet lack any specificity.

Field’s whimsical scenes are inspired primarily by the abstraction of myth peppered with references to the here and now. A face will appear innocent and childlike yet also stained with the wisdom of age. In one piece, five distorted figures are frolicking (dancing?) underneath a banner that reads, “Another Vague Greeting.” Field’s process is organic – rather than mapping out a plan, he allows one mark to build upon the next until a scene appears. His palette of deep browns, pinks, teals, and emerald greens floats within a graphic layout of ink, watercolor, colored pencil, collage and even spray paint. To complement the works on paper, Field introduces several new mediums included ceramic hand-painted cups (in collaboration with local ceramicist Rebekah Miles) and a pair of wood burned clogs.

Following are a few images from the opening reception.

-Amy Duran

Kyle Field
Wide Daylight
Taylor De Cordoba
Through July 27, 2013