In L.A.: "Family" Curated by Hanni El Khatib @ HVW8

April 12, 2013

Art, Design & Music. The three constants in Hanni El Khatib’s life that are all responsible for one another. Despite dropping out of art & design school, it’s these very same elements that are responsible for Hanni El Khatib, the musician. It all started with a handmade zine. Number 94 out of 100 to be exact. In 2009, El Khatib’s contribution to a group art show in San Francisco was a handmade zine of images inspired and related to his debut album with the album packaged inside. It was this very same zine that resulted in El Khatib’s music being discovered and the birth of his music career. El Khatib went from creative director at HUF to full-time musician & partner in his record label (Innovative Leisure) to recording with Dan Auerbach on his new album (Head In The Dirt).

To celebrate the new album, in particular the art, packaging and visual inspirations, El Khatib has curated a ‘Family’ of DIY Artists to bring the album art to real life with a series of prints, original works, installations and odds & ends from each ‘Family’ member. From Keith Stone’s drawing that graces the album cover as a patch on Nathan Cabrera’s custom made denim jacket in Idaho on one of the last remaining 1940s chain stitched sewing machines to Nick Walker’s photos of El Khatib’s adventures to Dr. Woo’s hand painted & customized guitar. Music is art and this is a celebration of all the blood, sweat & beers that went into the making of an album.

Following are a few images from the opening reception, however this is definitely an exhibition you should stop by and check out in person.

-Amy Duran

Curated by Hanni El Khatib
HVW8 Gallery
Through April 28th 2013