In L.A.: David King "The Secret Origins of the Crass Symbol" @ & Pens Press

September 19, 2013

Andrew Martin Scott of Needles & Pens in San Francisco (a great zine and art gallery that we have showcased a bunch over the years) has brought a well needed touch to the Los Angeles area by opening a second location in the heart of the arts district in Culver City.  “& Pens Press” opened this past August and we stopped by this past weekend for the opening reception and book release for legendary artist David King.

Following are a few images from the opening reception; however you should definitely stop by and see this show for yourself as well as pick up a copy of David King’s “Secret Origins of the Crass Symbol.”

-Amy Duran

Secret Origins of the Crass Symbol: The Works of David King
& Pens Press
Through October, 14th 2013