In L.A.: Dark Beach @ New Image Art

July 30, 2013

Leave it to Marsea Goldberg’s New Image Gallery to open the exhibit Dark Beach the  night before surfers and skaters run amok in Huntington Beach. Presaging the level of energy that spewed onto the Pacific Coast Highway, the crowd at Marsea’s on Saturday night was upbeat and enthusiastic about the all the permutations of surf culture. Laugh at some bawdy boards, marvel at a metal bikini sculpture, shake your head at the what gets washed ashore. And think about it some more inside the sandy surf shack. Malibu Barbie doesn’t live here, but there’s a lot happening. Stop by New Image Gallery and see.

"Dark Beach" a group show curated by Innocnts, featuring: Kevin Ancell, Russell Crotty, Will Adler, Nicole Dodson, Vince Felix, Brennan Grace, Shawn Stussy, Cesar Ancelle Hansen, Bella Serrell, Jordan Minardi, Thom Pringle, Kassia Meador, Sean Tully, Tom Adler, David Carson, Susanne Melanie Berry, Jeff Ho, Devin Dailey, Demi Boelsterli, Gothic Dolphins, Alexis Amann, Kyle Albers, Ratty Matty, Thibaut Paruite, Ben Brough, Evan Mendel, Greyson Fletcher, Dion Agius, and Craig Stecyk. Opening Saturday, July 27, 7pm-10pm. Bringing together works that help contextualize and contribute to the ongoing definition of "surf art", this exhibition is organized around an interdisciplinary group of individuals who despite differences in age and upbringing all contribute to a larger understanding of contemporary surf art.

Inspired by more dramatic elements within surf culture, Dark Beach is an exploration of themes, individuals, and emotions that exude grittier qualities of aesthetic within the scope of contemporary surf art. Looking beyond the waves for more than just visceral beauty or physical release, we find the genuine perspectives of individuals, whose artistic sensibilities have been shaped by their experiences in the water and along the coast. As surfers, we have witnessed both the beauty and the reality of riding waves in modern society and the stark differences between the two present an area rich with creative potential. Curated by Los Angeles based surf entity Innocnts, Dark Beach offers viewpoints of a culture whose authenticity is most accurately reflected by those endeavoring to survive within it and gives equal weight to an alternative perspective within the realm of surf-related art exhibitions, where the surfing lifestyle is often presented as existing outside the realities of everyday life.

About The Curator-

Dark Beach is curated by Innocnts, a lifestyle-based project that manifests itself through art, writing, video, clothing, photography, and curatorial efforts. Driven by emotive experiences and romantic conviction, the project draws influence from fringe lifestyles, perceptions of artistic nostalgia, and the interstitial space where "high" and "low" culture meet. Established in 2010, by second-generation surfer and CalArts alumni Sean Tully as an outlet to channel varying creative interests, Innocnts currently maintains a small commercial space in Silver Lake where an emerging scene of creative attuned individuals has begun to identify with the notion of Innocnts.


Following are a few images from the opening reception.

-Amy Duran


Dark Beach

Curated By Innocents

New Image Art

Through August 17th 2013