In L.A.: Camille Rose Garcia @ Michael Kohn Gallery

March 19, 2012

Michael Kohn Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of original watercolor paintings by Camille Rose Garcia. These beautifully intricate paintings were created for the illustrated book of the Grimm Brothers' classic fairy tale, Snow White (Published by Harper Design, on sale February 28, 2012). Her previous illustrated book was a New York Times Bestseller and was described as "Brilliant" by New York Magazine.

Camille Rose Garcia's wholly original interpretation of the classic tale of Snow White is underscored by her dark and whimsical style. With a stylistic nod to the watercolored animation backrounds of early Disney movies, Garcia references the golden age of early animation as well as vintage German fairy tale books. Garcia adds back the darker elements present in the original Brothers Grimm text, inverting the Disneyesque paradigm of simplistic happy endings and everlasting halcyon days into something closer to the original macabre German folktale.

These incredible paintings will be on view at the Michael Kohn Gallery for a period coinciding with the release of the first two major Hollywood films based off the same tale of Snow White.


Following are a few images from the opening reception.


-Amy Duran









Camille Rose Garcia

Snow White

Michael Kohn Gallery

Through April 14, 2012