In L.A.: Adam Ross @ Angles Gallery

January 13, 2012


Angles Gallery is pleased to present, In an Indeterminate Place, an exhibition of new works by Los Angeles artist Adam Ross. This is Ross's fourth solo exhibition with Angles Gallery. The forthcoming exhibition will open with a public reception for the artist. This new body of work continues the artist's ongoing investigation of the fictional space obtainable in paintings, which has always been a central concern in his work. In recent years, this has been exemplified by an obsession with the figure/ground dichotomy, continued in this body of work. The difference, today, is in that the figurative component of the paintings is less tentative and more assertive, particularly in the way it has coalesced into strict geometry. It is reminiscent of constructivism, with a strong presence of arithmetic.

There is a repeated use of the square as a main motif. Even when the shapes appear to be just lines, there is a type of gestalt that asserts a square. The grounds are much deeper, and in all works approaching pure saturation of color—confronting the viewer with a visual "pop" analogous to the dramatic effect of the figure popping off of the ground. The palette is a faithful use of primaries, one red, one yellow and two blues (one warm and one cool) throughout the paintings. The four colors (all pure pigments) reinforce the geometric language, with its preponderance of right angles.


Following are a few images from the opening reception.

























Adam Ross

In An Indeterminate Place

Angles Gallery

Through February 18, 2012