"I'm Scared" A Stop-Motion Film from Greg "Craola" Simkins on Kickstarter

August 13, 2013

We just got a message from our good friend Greg 'Craola' Simkins, a past cover artist with the magazine, about a new Kickstarter project he just opened up (and its kicking ass by the way). The project is to help raise funds for Craola's first stop motion animated short film, "I'm Scared." 

Craola explains that "I'm Scared" is the "
age old story of the conflict between the imaginations of little boys and the monsters they battle on a nightly basis. It is also the story of the dynamics of brothers and how each looks at the world through completely different eyeballs. Just becasue you grew up, doesn't mean the monsters went away."

There are a ton of great prizes and gifts if you help Craola and team reach their goal... go support!!!!