Penelope Gazin has taken sensuality into a place cornered by guts, fluids and sex, the best kind of all of these. She has a background in character animation but has, for a while now, been fully focused in freelance illustration as well as creating her own merchandise. There is something incredibly enchanting and creepy about her characters; attractive and repulsive and at times with elegant feminist satire. If anything “Penelope Meatloaf”, her artistic pseudonym, can take the female image and make it put its money where its mouth is. Unpleasing and beautiful; her aesthetic carries the glamour of a pin up with the gore-ness of a zombie apocalyptic black and white film. All of this in bright acrylics and inks, she makes art that you can pin on your backpack or frame in your home to upset your mother. A bare chested alien girl staring right at you has never given less of a rat’s bum hole if you find it “pretty” or not.

She has collaborated with record label Burger Records and has shown her work in both collective and solo shows in Los Angeles and New York.