Illustrations by Morgan Rosskopf

April 16, 2015

Morgan Rosskpf's practice is centered around the processes of free drawing, collage, and intaglio printmaking. "I maintain parallel practices that are constantly shifting between mixed media, large-scale drawings and traditional black and white etchings," says Rosskpf. "Working as a visual hunter-gatherer, I collect and draw from images that reflect conventional middle class aspirations and feelings of internal dissonance. These images are removed from their original context, fragmented, and then smashed together, allowing a fluid transfer of meaning to take place between them. With this collage-based method I construct odd representations of psychological states, riddled with desire and tension. Fragmented images grow into precariously arranged clusters, visually juxtaposing a multitude of signifiers that contribute to these feelings of conflict. Drawn images of earthly delights collide, revealing meaning through their forced interaction. Cake, meat, flowers, and abject bodily tissue provide moments of odd textural information that continue to warp meaning, making the individual components difficult to evaluate."

via lustik